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Precision meets flexibility – with maximum safety
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Altendorf Hand Guard

Developed to the highest demands, with unbeatable safety

New for 2021, the Altendorf Hand Guard features the world’s first and only optical system that protects people, machines and materials. With its unique early detection system featuring two cameras, when Altendorf Hand Guard detects the user approaching the saw blade it retracts it away in the blink of an eye. The machine is not damaged and is ready for use again immediately. The detection system works for all materials, and even knows when the operator is wearing gloves.

No matter what industry you are in – with the Altendorf Hand Guard you not only get the greatest safety, but also flexibility and the highest precision. If a capacitive system only offers you a limited range of materials, the Altendorf Hand Guard optical system gives you almost all options for material processing. It works for all materials, e.g. non-ferrous metals, damp wood or plastics.


Two Models, One Promise: Safety, Flexibility and Precision

R&J Machinery is proud to present the new Altendorf Hand Guard, an outstanding leap-forward in safety and performance. And with safety comes performance – the Altendorf Hand Guard is available in two base specifications with class-leading features as below. A full-range of additional options can be configured, please enquire for details.

A photo of an Altendorf Hand Guard SingleFlex sliding table saw A photo of an Altendorf Hand Guard TwinFlex sliding table saw
Altendorf Hand Guard SingleFlex
  • 150mm Saw Blade Projection
  • Motor Rating VARIO 5,5 kW (7,5 PS)
  • Crosscut-Mitre Fence DIGIT L (stops to 3,200mm)
  • CNC Rip Fence (cutting width of 1,000mm)
  • Clipboard
  • Front Support Roller
Altendorf Hand Guard TwinFlex
  • 150mm Saw Blade Projection
  • Motor Rating VARIO 5 kW (6.8 HP)
  • Crosscut-Mitre Fence DIGIT LD (stops to 3,200mm)
  • CNC Rip Fence (cutting width of 1,000mm)
  • On/off switch on the sliding table
  • Clipboard
A photo of a woodworker using an Altendorf Hand Guard
Altendorf Exclusives

As the UK's Main Altendorf Dealer, R&J Machinery is pleased to present a selection of exclusive benefits that no other UK supplier can provide. To discuss Altendorf exclusives, please call our office team on 01455 840224.

Used Altendorf

R&J Machinery are pleased to offer a selection of used Altendorf machines that have been fully serviced and prepared by our Altendorf-trained engineers. These machines will provide amazing service for years to come.

Here is a small selection of the used Altendorf in our showroom. Stock moves quickly so please act fast.

A photo of a man using an Altendorf panel saw
Altendorf Servicing

Woodworking machines are only as good as their preparation. Our in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled Altendorf servicing, ensuring that your machines are optimised for maximum performance and continue to meet safety standards.

A photo of a man changing a saw blade on an Altendorf panel saw
Altendorf Spares

As Altendorf's Main UK Agent, we are the supplier of choice to get your Altendorf spares to you in the quickest time at the best price. We can even fit them for you too should you need further assistance. Our spares e-commerce store will launch shortly, but in the meantime please call 01455 840224 to place your order.

A photo of racking holding organised Altendorf spare parts
Altendorf Manuals

With a long history of partnership with Altendorf, we have amassed an extensive collection of manuals for almost all Altendorf's that have ever been built. We will soon be launching our Manual Archive to provide these documents to you, but until then please contact us with your requirements and we will check through our library.

A photo of an original Altendorf panel saw
Precision machinery since 1906

Altendorf are responsible for the introduction of the first sliding table panel saws. Designed by Wilhiem Altendorf in Berlin back in 1906, Altendorf panel saws were used for his own production of furniture.

Today, Altendorf employs over 260 people, has factories in Germany, China, and Brazil and sells over 2,600 sliding table saws per year into the wood, metal and plastic industries. As a company it is renowned as a specialist manufacturer of sliding table saws with a patented table mechanism, meaning that Altendorf panel saws are still the most desired woodworking machines on the market.

R&J Machinery is proud to be the Main UK Agent for Altendorf

R&J Machinery has a long relationship with Altendorf dating back to 1994, and we are proud to be the Main UK Agent and Sole UK Importer for their machines and spare parts. We are one of the top-tier suppliers of Altendorf saws across all of Europe, and our team of service and repair engineers travels to Altendorf in Germany annually for training on the latest machinery developments.

You can be sure that our team are fully qualified to offer you guidance on the ideal Altendorf table saw for you, and are fully qualified to service and maintain your existing machines to the highest standard. We look forward to talking to you soon about all things Altendorf!

For sales, servicing, parts, advice and support, please call our office team on 01455 840224.

A photo of the R&J Machinery team
A photo of an R&J Machinery engineer repairing a machine
A photo of a man using an Altendorf panel saw
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Request Altendorf Servicing Information

R&J Machinery's in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled Altendorf servicing. To request more information about the servicing packages we offer, please speak to our knowledgeable team on 01455 840224 or complete this enquiry form.