German edgebanders offering high precision and processing qualities unmatched elsewhere.
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Hebrock Edgebanders

For the last 40 years Hebrock Edgebanders has been known as EBM in the UK. As a company, Hebrock is now owned by Altendorf and together they form the Altendorf Group. Being the world leader in sliding table panel saws, Altendorf wanted to offer its customers an equally high-quality edgebanding solution – from the trade for the trade.

Hebrock edgebanders are the ultimate practical solution made in Germany, built of the highest quality to the highest processing level. With numerous equipment options, these machines can be tailored precisely to your individual applications. They combine excellent performance with unbeatable quality.

With precise edge finishing through to complete machining and easy to operate control elements such as touch screen controls, owner-run workshops have learned to appreciate and ultimately rely on the mature, proven and perfected technology of Hebrock edgebanders, and we encourage you to see these wonderful machines in action with a full demonstration at our new showroom.

  • bullet arrow icon Glue pots that heat up in under six minutes
  • bullet arrow icon Comfortable controls thanks to a 10" touchscreen
  • bullet arrow icon No anchoring necessary thanks to the stable machine frame
  • bullet arrow icon R&J stock a full range of Hebrock edgebanders to suit all budgets
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Hebrock Exclusives

As the UK's Main UK Agent and Sole UK Importer for Hebrock, R&J Machinery is pleased to present a selection of exclusive benefits that no other UK supplier can provide. To discuss Hebrock exclusives, please call our office team on 01455 840224.

Fundamentals of Edgebanding

Technology in edgebanding machines is becoming increasingly complex. We have an answer for every type of machine and any kind of technology: with edgings, cleaners and hot melt adhesives. To achieve a perfect result, you should always follow these rules:

Edging types supported by Hebrock machines

ABS Edgings
ABS Edgings
Melamine Edgings
Melamine Edgings
Real Wood Edgings
Real Wood Edgings
3D Acrylic Edgings
3D Acrylic Edgings
Aluminium Edgings
Aluminium Edgings
Varnishable Edgings
Varnishable Edgings
Zero-Joint Edgings
Zero-Joint Edgings
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Hebrock Servicing

Woodworking machines are only as good as their preparation. Our in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled Hebrock servicing, ensuring that your machines are optimised for maximum performance and continue to meet safety standards.

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Hebrock Spares

As Hebrock's Main UK Agent, we are the supplier of choice to get your Hebrock edgebander spares to you in the quickest time at the best price. We can even fit them for you too should you need further assistance. Our spares e-commerce store will launch shortly, but in the meantime please call 01455 840224 to place your order.

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Hebrock Manuals

With a long history of partnership with the Altendorf Group, we have amassed an extensive collection of manuals for almost all Hebrock's that have ever been built. We will soon be launching our Manual Archive to provide these documents to you, but until then please contact us with your requirements and we will check through our library.

Coming Soon
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Precision edgebanders since 1980

The Eastern Westphalia region of Germany is ground-zero for the German furniture industry, being home to traditional established companies as well as new advancements in technologies and techniques. It is in this region that Hebrock was founded back in 1980, and for the last 40+ years Hebrock edgebanders have been known as EBM in the UK. Hebrock is now owned by Altendorf and together they form the Altendorf Group.

Today, Hebrock is at the very centre of the edgebanding machinery landscape, and the constant and numerous discussions with customers and partners flow directly into the development of the range of Hebrock edgebanding machines.

R&J Machinery is proud to be the Main UK Agent for Hebrock

R&J Machinery has a long relationship with the Altendorf Group dating back to 1994, and we are proud to be the Main UK Agent and Sole UK Importer for their machines and spare parts. We are one of the top-tier suppliers of Altendorf saws across all of Europe, and our team of service and repair engineers travels to Germany annually for training on the latest machinery developments.

You can be sure that our team are fully qualified to offer you guidance on the ideal Hebrock edgebander for you, and are fully qualified to service and maintain your existing machines to the highest standard. We look forward to talking to you soon about all things Hebrock!

For sales, servicing, parts, advice and support, please call our office team on 01455 840224.

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Request Hebrock Servicing Information

R&J Machinery's in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled Hebrock servicing. To request more information about the servicing packages we offer, please speak to our knowledgeable team on 01455 840224 or complete this enquiry form.